Avoiding Fire Hazards Through Fire Safety Lessons

Halloween Safety!

Street Smarts

Parents may overestimate their child's street crossing skills. Halloween poses special risks to young pedestrians, because trick-or-treating usually occurs outdoors and often after dark.

Children tend to get caught up in the excitement and are more likely to choose the shortest, rather than safest route, ignoring traffic, which can put them at risk for injury.

Almost 4 times as many children, aged 5-14 are killed while walking on Halloween night between 4:00 - 10:00 P.M., compared to other evenings of the year.

Falls are the leading cause of injuries among children on Halloween. Other injuries are to the eyes from sharp objects, skin irritations, or rashes from makeup and face paints, and burns from flammable costumes being near open flames such as candles or jack-o-lanterns.

Costumes with masks that sit on top of the head, lower-face masks that cover the nose or nose and mouth, and decorative hats are safer alternatives to masks.


Painting faces with non-toxic makeup is safer yet. However, if your child wears a mask, be sure that:

  • 1 The eyeholes and earholes are large enough not to limit vision or hearing.
  • 2 it fits snugly
  • 3 it doesn't restrict breathing

Costumes should:

  • fit properly
  • be light-colored or bright
  • be flame-resistant
  • include proper walking shoes
  • be accented (especially on the backs) with reflective tape
  • involve only soft and flexible props that have no sharp points.


  • Check all treat wrappers for signs of tampering before allowing your child to eat any candy.
  • Throw away anything unwrapped. "If in doubt, throw it out!".
  • Discard items that can cause choking such as hard candies and small toys.
  • Report any harmful items to the proper authorities.